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Aerial Photos & Video for Industial & Commercial Purposes 

You may be looking to promote building sales, or require aerial photos at different stages of developement to depict construction progress. Perhaps you're doing studies of available areas for future land development. Aerial photographs will provide a fresh and impressive view of your project, site, building and/or surrounding area that can be customized to suit your needs.

Instead of 3 or 4 images taken during a single pass by an airplane, you can be sure to get the visual information you require, taken from different angles or perspectives, viewed and composed from the ground via a wireless monitor.

Using high resolution digital images, or high definition video, we can offer visual inspections of stacks, chimneys, roofs or radio towers, or provide you with an aerial fly-by video presentation for advertising, media or promotional purposes, or as an impressive progress report for your client or organization.

Contact Sky Pixels for high-quality aerial images and video. We'll be happy to discuss your requirements and come up with a solution tailored to your specific needs.


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Aerial Photos & Video for 
Real Estate Properties

Real estate represents a large portion of the economy, but whether prices are up or prices are down, you still need to make the sale. Doesn't it seem important to try something a little different, to find that extra little edge that could help your clients to picture all the benefits of the property you're representing?

Don't be satisfied with the same flat pictures taken at ground level from in front of the property, just like everyone else.
Aerial photos and video are a much more impressive, dramatic and complete representation of any specific property. With low-level aerial photos, you can control the amount of property seen in the photograph. With the ability to adjust the height and distance away from the subject, you can start with a nice tight, oblique view of the property from a unique and interesting new viewpoint; or you can show the surrounding properties, streets, schools, and shopping centres.

Aerial photographs of acreages and rural land purchases will give your client a much better idea of the total property for sale, and the land surrounding it. The sale of multi-story projects, shopping centres, lakefront properties and cabins can all be better represented to your client through aerial imaging.

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Aerial Photos & Video for 
Golf Courses (Clubs)

Thinking of new developments or future expansion? Aerial images and aerial video can help you envision how planned changes may impact your golf course. Aerial images also make for interesting and unique photos to display in the clubhouse, and they can help golfers to better understand the course.

Sky Pixels can help you to capture beautiful views of your golf course from different angles and perspectives.

Using high resolution digital images, or high definition video, we can offer visual inspections to help identify maintenance issues, or track the progress of recent changes and on-going developments. Or, we can provide you with an aerial fly-by video presentation for advertising, media or promotional purposes. Aerial photos and video can be an impressive visual supplement to a presentation (or progress report) aimed at recruiting investors, clients or staff for your organization.

Our unique aerial platform, integrated with live video feed to a wireless on-ground monitor, is small, quiet and unobtrusive; allowing aerial images or video to be captured without disturbing golfers or exciting any wildlife that may reside on the course.

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Aerial Photos & Video for
Areas Restriced from Planes & Helicopters

There are many drawbacks to using planes for low-level aerial photography. Of course, the biggest drawback is the cost! Commercially, you need to hire a plane with a pilot and a photographer. The plane alone will set you back about +R8000/hr.  One of the most difficult pictures to take is from heights between 50 feet and 300 feet. Aircraft are prohibited from low level flights above populated areas, so your photo would be taken from a higher altitude, on a single pass. You can explain to the photographer what you want, but if the shoot has to be done over, you will be paying the same fees again.

Helicopters offer a much slower and more maneuverable platform, but minimums can range from +R15 000 per hour.
Modern technology, and advances in radio contolled systems have made it possible to optimize RC model aircraft for aerial photography, allowing for photographic access to those areas previously restricted from planes and helicopters. Sky Pixels  uses a Quad-Copter Radio Controlled helicopter. It is capable of GPS position hold which provides for a very stable aerial platform and the ability to move its position in a very concise manner. This allows for precise flight, enabling inspections of lines and towers, planning and monitoring progress of commercial and industrial sites, precise video fly-bys and images of residential properties for real estate advertising. Integrated with live video feed to a wireless on-ground monitor, you can be sure to get the visual information you need for your particular project.

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